Conf42: Cloud Native 2021


Architectural Caching Patterns for Kubernetes

Rafał Leszko
Cloud-Native Team Lead @ Hazelcast

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Kubernetes brings new ideas of how to organize the caching layer for your applications. You can still use the old-but-good client-server topology, but now there is much more than that. This session will start with the known distributed caching topologies: embedded, client-server, and cloud. Then, I’ll present Kubernetes-only caching strategies, including: - Sidecar Caching - Reverse Proxy Caching with Nginx - Reverse Proxy Sidecar Caching with Hazelcast - Envoy-level caching with Service Mesh

In this session you’ll see: - A walk-through of all caching topologies you can use in Kubernetes - Pros and Cons of each solution - The future of caching in container-based environments

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