Conf42: Chaos Engineering 2021

Break your systems so they don't break on you. Especially when going into space!


Blameless Postmortem Culture

Pranjal Deo
Engineering Program @ Google

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Psychological safety has been identified as the topmost feature of a successful and innovative organization. At the same time, we need to learn from failure and prevent recurrence of mistakes.
These two practices seem to contradict each other, but is there a way to achieve them both?

## Introduction to Postmortem Culture
* Goal: System shouldn't break in the same way again.
* Growth mindset.
* Learn from mistakes.
* Document everything for posterity!

## What does a postmortem look like?
* Various sections.
* All sections for a reason.
* Best practices for each section.
* When does it make sense to write one?

## Psychological safety & Blamelessness
* Postmortems, if not written well can be counterproductive to your culture.
* Why is blamelessness important? The most important?
* Leadership and promoting this culture.
* Celebrating failure!
* Going beyond technology.

## Ok, I wrote one, what next?
* Going above and beyond just writing some documents.
* Making things run like a clockwork, while self sustaining!

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