Conf42 DevOps 2024 - Online

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54 talks in 18 tracks


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Keynote: The 2024 Kubernetes Benchmark Report

Joe Pelletier Vice President, Product Strategy at Fairwinds

2024-01-25 17:45:00


Keynote: Elevating Excellence of Kong Gateway: Performance Enhancement and Best Practices

Wenchao Xiang Senior Software Engineer at Kong

2024-01-25 18:15:00


Keynote: Developers, don't toil, Automate!

Dylan Etkin Co-Founder & CEO at Sleuth

2024-01-25 18:45:00


Panel: DevOps 2024 Panel Discussion

2024-01-25 19:15:00


Demystifying Modernisation: True Potential of Cloud Technology

Anupam Phoghat Associate Director at Cognizant Servian

2024-01-25 19:45:00


Azure DevOps - Easy to Build Private Agents at Scale

Karol Pieciukiewicz Manager, Senior Azure Architect & Team Leader at PwC

2024-01-25 20:15:00


Cocktail of Environments: How to Mix Test and Development Environments and Stay Alive

Aleksandr Tarasov Principal Platform Engineer at Cenomi

Dmitry Ulianov Director of Platform & Infrastructure at Cenomi

2024-01-25 19:45:00


The CTO DevOps Handbook: Simple Principles and Examples

Michael Zion Founder & CEO at MeteorOps

2024-01-25 20:15:00


Kube-Nation: Exploring the Land of Kubernetes

Siddhant Khisty Co Organizer at Cloud Native Nashik

Aakansha Priya DevRel at EmpathyOps

2024-01-25 19:45:00


K8s Gateway API 101

Gregorio Palama Senior Cloud Engineer & DevOps at Lutech

2024-01-25 20:15:00


Bye Kubernetes Ingress, Long Life to Gateway API

Yuri Bacciarini Senior DevOps Engineer at CRIF

2024-01-25 20:45:00


E2E Test Before Merge

Natalie Lunbeck Software Engineer at Shipyard

2024-01-25 19:45:00


Shift Left Cloud Chaos Testing on Your Local Machine!

Harsh Mishra Software Engineer at LocalStack

2024-01-25 20:15:00


Falling in love with Unit Testing!

Joe Skeen Owner & Mentor at World-Class Engineers

2024-01-25 20:45:00


Green DevOps: Building Sustainable Software

Neel Shah Product Manager at Internauts Infotech

2024-01-25 19:45:00


Introduction to ADAS and Autonomous Driving

Rajesh Reddy Principal Product Manager at ECARX

2024-01-25 20:15:00


Going from Quarterly to Weekly Releases in a Small Startup Company

Daniel Paulus Director of Engineering at Checkly

2024-01-25 20:45:00


CTO View on DevOps Transformation

Tomasz Manugiewicz General Manager at Grand Parade / William Hill

2024-01-25 21:15:00


Hallway track

Attendees, speakers & organisers are all invited to a video chat. Come to meet others, ask questions and hang out between: 2024-01-25 16:00:00 and 2024-01-25 17:00:00.

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