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Amazing speakers and very valuable knowledge shares!

Antoinette Hodes
Security Evangelist
Check Point Software Technologies

The Conf42 team is very professional and Mark is always available for help. I just loved the entire format of the conference, especially the video recording, editing and publishing. These conference series are a great way to learn new technologies.

Dr. Anubha Jain

As Site Reliability Engineers, we must develop a broad range of soft and hard skills. For me, some of the most important include communication, teaching, and sharing knowledge. The Conf42 Conference Series has been a great ally in developing those skills. Being a speaker at three conferences opened many opportunities for me and allowed me to connect with incredible colleagues.

Yury Nino
Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

The streaming format worked great!

Hamida Rebai
MVP in Developer Technologies

The Conf42 team is super easy to work with and made the whole process seamless from application to presentation. They delivered a well-organized, high-quality virtual conference, which was well-received from the community interaction I had afterward. The team was always on hand to help, making the experience very enjoyable. I will certainly be submitting CFPs for upcoming Conf42 events.

Liam Hampton
Cloud Advocate

The organizers are responsive, and the agenda provides lots of good topics for our community.

Henrik Rexed
Cloud Native Advocate

What I liked the most was the openness of the conference, allowing us to bring in topics we were most comfortable presenting. Especially Mark :-)

Archit Srivastava
Data Analyst
Hewlett Packard Enterprise | AiQyaM

The promotion and social media engagement was awesome!

Saranya Jena & Sarthak Jain


Friendly team, smart talks, and a huge collection of topics to choose from!

Jonathan Mounty
Software Engineer

The platform provided by Conf42 for my speaking engagement was the best I have ever had. Thank you.

Emmanuel Samir Harris
Freelance Software Developer

Everything was crystal clear regarding when and how everything should be done. The templates and explanations were great, and you kept us well-informed during the process.

Jesus Espino
Staff Engineer

The sessions feature cutting-edge content with many great presentations.

Rich Niemiec
Chief Innovation Officer
Viscosity North America

The most important thing provided by Conf42 is assistance in promoting a personal brand on LinkedIn.

Alexey Ozeritskiy
Lead Software Engineer

There was very good coordination on when everything needs to be delivered.

Spiros Economakis
Head of Cloud Infrastructure

Everything at the conference was well-organized, and the instructions provided were clear and concise. The attention to detail in the planning was evident, making it easy for attendees to navigate and participate in the events. The organizers did an excellent job ensuring that all aspects of the conference ran smoothly, from the registration process to the scheduling of sessions. Overall, the organization and execution of the conference were impressive, contributing significantly to a productive and enjoyable experience.

Vadim Tsaregorodtsev
Lead Software Engineer
Emerging Travel Group

It's so easy to participate, and the event is well-run! The attendees are great too! It's my favorite event series!

Tim Spann
Developer Advocate

Like the curation based on various tracks with a healthy balance for each of them.

Saurav Panda
Co-founder & CEO
Cloud Code AI

The schedule was well-planned, and the support for speakers was very good. There were lots of incredible topics, and the speaker line-up was knowledgeable and informed.

Craig Risi
QA Architect / Senior Manager
REPL Group, Part of Accenture

I really liked the curated emails sent to me with detailed instructions!

Ivan Pesenti
Ninja, Speaker & Trainer
Sorint Lab

The flexibility in topics and submissions is appreciated.

Sindhuja Nagarajan
Data Migration / Data Engineering Lead

I appreciated regular contact, clear information about dates, times, expectations and the relaxed style of the event.

Leon Adato
Principal Technical Evangelist

Participating in Conf42 events has provided an excellent opportunity to network and share experiences within the tech community

Dmitrii Ivashchenko
Lead Unity Developer

Clear instructions for the procedures required of speakers.

Abdullah Alsalman
Quantum Computing Engineer

The overall experience, the attention to details in providing information on how the videos should be created, the clarity in what is expected from the speakers, and in the conference's topic.

Gregorio Palama
Senior Cloud Engineer & DevOps

Good guidelines helped with recording and preparing slides. The organization's transparency made it easy for me to understand deadlines and milestones.

Ilia Sergunin
Senior Software Engineer

The level of organization deserves immense praise. They approached it with great responsibility; all instructions and tips were provided, and everything was very detailed.

Oleksandr Tkachenko
Senior Software Engineer

The excellent organization and support provided by the event organizers contribute to making the conference truly amazing.

Romano Roth
Chief of DevOps & Partner

I enjoyed the sense of community and the effective organization.

Aleksandr Guzenko
Tech lead

I appreciated the way resources were provided to the speakers, along with support videos. The conference also had a very wide range of topics, giving the audience the opportunity to pick the session of their interest from the list.

Anupam Phoghat
Associate Director
Cognizant Servian

I like the way we record videos with numerous tutorials. For beginners, there's no need to worry about speaking live on stage, your recording is made remotely. This allows you ample time to record, review, and upload.

Muralidhar Basani
Staff Software Engineer

Advertising, social media campaigns, website development, rollout of presentations, and communication and organization of the event were great.

Oresztesz Margaritisz
Chief Software Engineer

As a speaker, I was pleased with the entire experience at Conf42. Everything ran smoothly, allowing me to fully concentrate on my topic.

Argo Saakyan
Computer Vision Engineer / Researcher

The resources and preparation notes from Conf42 were great. Having a speaker brief that explained everything necessary to create our content made a huge difference for me as a speaker.

Tadeh Hakopian
Tadeh Hakopian
Energy Vault

Overall, I appreciated the format, ease of use, and event management.

Madhumita Mantri & Suvodeep Pyne


Conf42's video editing and publishing quality was outstanding. They made it easy for everyone to gain knowledge of IoT and other sectors in this field simultaneously!

Raed Ahsan

The team at Conf42 is extremely easy to work with, highly professional, and delivers a very polished product. I enjoyed collaborating with the Conf42 team, and I find value in watching all the sessions. Conf42 events masterfully blend deep dive tech and beginner-level sessions, providing everyone, regardless of their experience level, with an excellent learning experience.

Gordon Rudd
Tech Career Designer & Executive Coach, CISO, Author

The speaker preparation journey was very smooth, with detailed steps and videos on how to set up my local environment for recording and submitting my pre-recorded talk. The conference team ensured we had all the necessary media and assets, making my experience as a speaker exceptional. I would definitely speak again at Conf42!

Developer Advocate, office of the CEO

I have been enjoying working with the Conf42 team since their first episode. Their recent addition of Conf42Cast as a sponsor benefit brought good visibility to us. They are genuinely building a chain of followers, making their event informative and engaging. I would love to continue being a supporter and beneficiary.

Uma Mukkara

I liked your formula. Good job!

Cesar Cordero RodrĂ­guez
Co-founder representative and Senior Odoo Technical Consultant

Very clear and detailed instructions on how to set up OBS and the recording.

Chris Haller
Offensive Security Practice Lead
Strong Crypto Innovations

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