Not Incidents. ‚ÄćOpportunities.

Not Incidents. Opportunities.

Every incident is an opportunity that reveals how your organization really works.

Jeli allows you to see that opportunity.

Streamline your investigation

Incidents rarely happen or play out as expected. Jeli takes you through a customized, step-by-step process for each incident that results in a thorough, annotated timeline with the right data, comments and questions to learn from incidents, not just fix them.

Jeli starts by collecting the necessary information from your current technical tools using our Incident Response Bot. Our bot won’t disrupt your work with unhelpful messages. Instead, it helps pinpoint often overlooked human factors.

Automatically create a timeline that makes sense

Jeli’s timelines give you a clear overview of who, what, where and when from the start of an incident to its resolution.

Add details & color

Anyone on the team can categorize, tag and comment in the timeline, to build out the story and identify the right questions for follow-ups, interviews and reports.

Reveal deep insights across incidents

Jeli is designed to make cross-incident analysis inviting and easy. Exploring multiple incidents over time lets teams find organizational contributing factors (code freeze!), identify islands of knowledge among staff, and provide evidence to re-align staffing and spending. Jeli is designed from the ground up to replace the grind of post-mortems with the joy of learning.

Creating opportunities at industry leaders

Jeli is used by leading companies including Honeycomb, Zendesk, Indeed, Xero, Unity and Codesee.

Yes, we’re hiring!

We’re actively seeking a Head of Marketing, Customer Success Manager, and always on the lookout for good engineers. Get in touch!

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