Conf42: Site Reliability Engineering 2021


SLI Negotiation Tactics for Engineers

Alayshia Knighten
Team Lead, Onboarding Engineering @

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Service level indicators are quantitative measures of a service, which in turn, are measured by SLOs. This is not the talk you think it is.

As Engineers, we have our own SLIs, which are Survival Level Indicators, that measure and define if we are okay or not okay at a job. What happens when the rockstar engineer, who performs essential task A and B, hasn’t taken vacation in 9 months? Over time, not meeting SLIs can take its toll on engineers. How do we avoid burnout, turnover, and wider destruction in our teams?

In this session, I will review different strategies to identify human burnout versus company personal objectives.Engineers share the same importance as customers and we should provide technical love to them as well.

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