Conf42: Site Reliability Engineering 2021


Incident Response, Incident Management, and Alerts - Where do they fit in CloudOps

Chris Riley
Senior Technology Advocate @ Splunk

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Responding to incidents is not just about wiring up the right tools, it’s also a strategy and process to know how to respond, how to record details of incidents, and how to learn from them after everything has been resolved. There has been a lot of confusion about the relationship of incident response to incident management, and alerting. In this session we will talk about the differences and the best practices for these key processes in healthy cloud operations environments. Expect to learn in this session.

  • 1.) What is an alert and how does it feed incidents
  • 2.) What is the difference between incident response (IR), and incident management (IM)
  • 3.) What are the best practices for IR and IM tooling
  • 4.) How incidents are being handled in modern dev environments

We will also talk about on-call scheduling, shift-left, and how machine learning supports incident response strategies.

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