Conf42: Site Reliability Engineering 2021


Deploy N applications to N clusters using Argo CD ApplicationSet

Dewan Ahmed
Developer Advocate @ Red Hat

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As the scaling needs grow, you have to deploy your application to more than one Kubernetes cluster. How about deploying multiple applications across multiple clusters? This talk covers Argo CD + ApplicationSets that allow you to manage deployments of a large number of applications, repositories, or clusters, all from a single Kubernetes resource.

Starting with a brief introduction to GitOps and Argo CD, you will learn about the challenges of having to use new manifest files every time you want to deploy to another cluster. With Argo CD’s Application resource, users are limited to deploying from a single Git repository to a single cluster/namespace. In contrast, you’ll learn in this talk, the ApplicationSet resource uses templates, and automated generation of template parameters, to allow you to manage many Argo CD Applications simultaneously from multiple Git repositories. The demo will feature OpenShift GitOps which bundles Argo CD, ApplicationSets and other tools, to enable teams to implement GitOps workflows for cluster configuration and application delivery. Although some knowledge about Kubernetes and GitOps will help, the demo will explain the concepts in action. ApplicationSets Generator demos will show how your applications can be deployed and managed across single/multiple clusters from one or more Git repositories.

You will leave the talk with the necessary resources and knowledge on Argo CD, ApplicationSets and OpenShift GitOps, and learn how these tools can help you manage large numbers of applications through templating and automation.

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