Conf42: Site Reliability Engineering 2021


Fixing Broken Windows: Dealing with Legacy Systems, Poor Quality and Gaps

Dmitry Vinnik
Developer Advocate @ Facebook

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We all encountered a “Broken Window” theory in practice. The original idea was that if someone breaks a window in a neighbourhood and this window is not repaired right away, the entire area will start getting messier at an accelerated rate.

The same theory is also true for Software Development. How many times have you looked at a legacy system with no code coverage, and decided not to write any tests because “”this is how we do things here”“? These bad practices behave just like those “”Broken Windows.”” They cause our code to degrade and become unusable.

In this talk, we discuss how to break away from bad development practices and how to address major gaps in your legacy and current systems. We look at ways to successfully lead-by-example and to introduce refactoring culture into your team and organization. We cover tips and tricks that help to improve the development culture and to emphasize the general health of the codebase.

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