Conf42: Site Reliability Engineering 2021


Building Near Real-time Fully Managed Analytics Solution with Minimum to No Coding on AWS

Shubhankar Sumar
Senior Solutions Architect @ AWS

Shubhankar Sumar's LinkedIn account

To create value, companies must derive real-time insights from a variety of data sources that are producing data at high velocity and volume enabling faster react in real time to events affecting business. The need for analysing heterogeneous data from multiple sources (internal/external) more than ever. Thereby making the analytic landscape ever evolving with numerous technologies and tools and making the platform more and more complex. Therefore, building a futuristic analytic solution is not only time consuming but costly involving selection of right stack, acquiring talent and ongoing platform management and monitoring.

In this session, we’ll discuss and demo on how you can leverage AWS stack to create a near real-time analytics solution with minimum to no coding for an e-commerce website while an option to integrate with pre-existing data sources. The solution offers the following advantages:

  • easy to build
  • elastic and fully managed
  • high available and durable
  • seamless integration with AWS Services
  • pay for what you use

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