Conf42: Site Reliability Engineering 2021


Enterprise SRE adoption framework

Vishnu Vardhan Chikoti
Senior SRE Manager @ Fanatics

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This talk is about a new enterprise SRE adoption framework, named Arctic. Given the growing focus on infrastructure and service/application reliability, more and more enterprises are adopting Site Reliability Engineering (SRE). It will be beneficial for enterprises to use a framework for SRE adoption like Scrum, XP or Kanban that exists for Agile adoption. Without the availability of framework(s) to help in adoption, it will be challenging for enterprises as they need to spend a lot of effort upfront to understand how to go about the SRE adoption and do the planning before they begin the actual journey.

This talk includes the following things. - The two pillars of the framework - Other frameworks/concepts that can go hand-in-hand with this - What to look for when hiring SREs - both in terms of personality types and skill sets - A way to do the goal setting for the transformation.

It is to be noted that as on the date of submission for this talk, this framework has not been used in any enterprise and has been conceptualised very recently. The hope is to seed the thought around frameworks for SRE adoption, present the current version of this framework to larger SRE community, gather feedback and start the usage of this framework by enterprises.

This talk suits various audience - who have already started their SRE journeuy, those who are looking to start on it and even those who are still exploring to understand more about SRE.

What is the problem that I am trying to address? Currently, there is no standard framework for SRE adoption similar to the frameworks like Scrum, XP, Kanban, etc that exist for Agile Adoption. Having a standardised framework will eliminate quite a bit of upfront effort thinking about “how to adopt SRE” at enterprises.

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