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All the friends of the Cloud, gather around! For I have the best news for you. Conf42 exclusive 46 Cloud Native talks await!

This is how you can become a pro in creating Puerta, as Or Elimelech and Eldad Rudich will guide you through the process. You will also hear about some of the biggest challenges that Michael Sickles has overcome on his journey with OpenTelemetry. Josh Stella will cover how to identify AWS IAM misconfigurations. And Uma Mukkara will inspire you to think about the usage of Chaos Engineering in Cloud Native. And a very special treat for you - the one and only chance to see our very own CCO, Marek Pawlikowski, surfing on a whale in space!

All the talks are available now on our website. We are also delighted to have Chaos Native, Fugue, Honeycomb and StackPulse as our Gold sponsors.

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