Golang event is live!


fmt.Println(“hello world!”)

Welcome to our first-ever Conf42 Golang conference!

We couldn’t be more excited for this event. 25 amazing talks delivered by speakers from around the world. We have something for everyone!

The getting started track will help any Golang newbie advance in their Go journey. The security track will allow you to learn from a CISO with decades’ worth of experience, using decentralized identity tokens and even writing Quantum-Resistant code in Go! Frameworks covers tools like GoPickle and Ent. Deep dive will take you from building blockchains, to secured gRPC servers, terminal emulators, state machines and WebRTC. And finally lessons learned track will share with you lessons from using concurrency primitives to building clouds… in the cloud.

The event is kicking off today, and the attendance is free for our community members. See you there!

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