Excited to see you in 2022!


Happy New Year to all of our favourite tech geeks!

If your resolutions include something like learning new stuff and widening your professional horizons, then fear not. Conf42 is ready for 2022 and it’s got your back!

Pick a number, any number. Now, double it. And double again! That’s how many new conferences we have for you this year! Okay, that one’s on me. We’re not magicians, guys! But get ready for 10+ amazing conferences! Promise, we’ll keep you busy.

We are very excited for the upcoming year. But let us take a quick step back and say the biggest THANK YOU to, well, you! Everything we do is because of you and for you. Stop me before it’ll get too cheesy. We are simply grateful and proud to be a part of this with you all. Take care, stay safe and let’s rock this 2022 together!

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