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Cloud-native, Secure, Universal Artifact Management Made Simple by our Diamond Sponsor Cloudsmith

Cloudsmith is the only truly cloud-native platform for engineers looking to set up a secure, cloud-native artifact repository in 60 seconds. Cloudsmith offers 24/7 engineer support, 225 points of presence, support for 28+ formats, and is ISO 270001 certified.

We make universal artifact management simple, easy and secure. Ownership of how your software artifacts, containers, and packages are pulled in, stored, and distributed is vital. It’s the central point everything should pass through, and going forwards, as supply chain attacks increase, every single opening in your supply chain is a vector for attack.

You need a single source of truth, for all software and dependencies, that isolates and protects your teams and customers from supply chain attacks.

Verifying assets with Continuous Packaging

From signature verification to Docker vulnerability scanning, Cloudsmith helps you continuously assess threats and prevent tampering or corruption of your software. Easily protect your customers by shipping clean software only. Using Continuous Packaging (CP), Cloudsmith offers the observability and control to ensure that your software is always verified, packaged, and ready to deliver.

The Package Delivery Network for Distributors

Cloudsmith’s Package Delivery Network (PDN) was built specifically for software distribution at the edge. Use entitlement tokens to seamlessly sell and distribute your software while utilizing custom domains to increase trust and present your brand as the DNS endpoint for global delivery. Whether deploying, or shipping licensed software to your customers, our global Package Delivery Network (PDN) is optimized to ensure lightning-fast delivery.

Repositories Built The Way You Want

Cloudsmith’s multi-format repositories allow you to create a repository structure that works for your unique teams and processes. No more repository-per-format used. Instead, you can have as many formats within a repo as you like - letting you create a repo per environment (dev, stage, production), project, or per format.

Ready to learn more?

Don’t forget to tune into our session The Future is Cloud-native and Your Organization Should Be Too with Ciara Carey, Developer Relations, Cloudsmith.

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