The first event of its kind - Web 3.0 2022!


Join us for the last event of the year

Our Web 3.0 event is the Alpha and Omega of the year 2022 - it’s Conf42’s first Web 3.0 seminar and also its last event in 2022. A perfect combination to finish off the year strong!

We know there are a lot of things to think about now. The festive season is really kicking in and those socks will not but themselves! Having that in mind, we’re making this one short and sweet. Think about it as your little (not-at-all guilty!) pleasure in this busy season.

Join our keynote specialist, Filipe Castro and learn about the financial side of Web 3.0, what are some of the main risks out there and why it’s important for companies to think about blockchain and cryptocurrency trends.

Needless to say there’s more for you to discover. But let us just take some time to wish you all the best for the upcoming celebrations. We hope you’ll manage to take a break and recharge with your loved ones. And we’ll see you again next year!

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