Snap! Python again?


Discovering things you never knew you wanted to know!

If someone asked you, ‘How many more events can they make about Python?’, what would you say?

First of all, probably nothing, since you wouldn’t be friends with them anymore. But once you’d be done throwing away your friendship bracelets, we’d help you find not one - but 15+ answers to that question!

The real question though, should be not ‘How many more?’, but ‘Why so little?’. There’s so much to talk about, that we’re barely keeping up! Luckily, our experts are here to update us on all that Python has to offer. We’ll be talking about data protection, performance regressions, language learning applications, and much more!

I guess it’s safe to assume that your dinner plans for today with that ex-friend of yours were canceled. So why not join us for our Python 2023 event? All the knowledge is available now and waiting to be discovered!

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