Three words: Site. Reliability. Engineering.


No introduction needed

Ah, love the smell of knowledge first thing in May. The leaves and flowers are alright, but that happens every year. While the SRE event is different each time!

We would like you to join us for a little ride in a park. First stop, a keynote about automated access requests replacing privileged users. You better get them seatbelts fastened, cause we’re only getting started.

Next stop, a ChatGPT talk covering its impact on logging and monitoring systems. Now, on your right, you can see the role of observability and chaos engineering in SRE. And on your left, there is the “Chaotic Cat” playing around. Careful, better not pet it. I know it looks cute, but I’ve heard it can get pretty intense all of a sudden.

There are many more stops on our journey and the carriage awaits. So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride with us!

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