All I want for Christmas is…


“Alexa, play festive vibes!”

Are you team ‘We’re doomed, Alexa will take over my grocery list and Tesla will kidnap me!’, or more of a ‘I should only need to clap my hands once to switch that light off, man…’ type of person?

Regardless of your personal feelings on the matter, internet of things is a thing (Ironic, isn’t it?) that keeps on finding new ways into our lives everywhere we go. But it’s probably just as terrifying as it is fascinating!

Got a moment? We have a couple of ‘best of the best’ type of talks for you to check out, just in time for Christmas! A little biscuit for thought, if you will. Finish this year strong with your favourite geeky bunch at Conf42 and let’s meet again in 2024 - see you on the other side!

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