Chaos Engineering 2024 kicks off tomorrow!


Let’s talk chaos by candlelight

In the unlikely event that you’d rather read this post than do something else on Valentine’s Day, here we go! (Then again, we are all geeks, so maybe not so unlikely after all).

Chaos Engineering 2024 kicks off tomorrow and, as always, we gathered the experts in the field to update you on what’s happening in the world of chaos. My personal favourite is the panel discussion - looking forward to hearing from Anurag Palwal from Chaos Mesh community, Karthik Satchinanand from Litmus Chaos community, Sylvain Hellegouarch from the Chaos Toolkint community and our very own Miko Pawlikowski from Powerful Seal community.

There are many more talks for you to check out. But why lose the mood just yet? Grab the candles and let’s talk chaos!

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