SRE 2024 coming in hot


Defend your systems against intergalactic invaders!

‘Mayday, mayday, we’re under attack! Anyone copy?’

‘We hear you loud and clear Space Explorer Robin. What’s your emergency?’

‘We’re under attack!!’

‘Who’s attacking you?’

‘Um, they look like beavers, but like blue and in space!’

‘Okkay… How can we help?’

‘I need Conf42, asap!’

‘On it! We’ll push the release of the next SRE event. Hang in there!’

As you can see, due to some unforeseeable events, we needed to gather all the best experts in the field and release the SRE 2024 event as soon as possible to help out our Robin friend.

If you’re worried about this cute little space explorer then rest assured that we managed to get the vital info to him just in time. And the good news is, you can learn what he knows too!

All the talks are available now. Make sure to check them out, just in case you’re ever under attack in space.

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