Conf42: Chaos Engineering 2020

- premiere 5PM GMT


Chaos Monkey for Spring Boot

John Fletcher
Chaos Monkey Evangelist @ Codecentric AG

John Fletcher's LinkedIn account John Fletcher's twitter account

Manuel Wessner
Chaos Monkey Evangelist

Manuel Wessner's twitter account

Everything you want to know about the useful and popular chaos engineering tool Chaos Monkey for Spring Boot (CMSB) from two of its maintainers.

- How to easily get started with your first Chaos Experiments.
- More exotic applications like dual attacks.
- How to integrate CMSB with automation tools like Chaos Toolkit and Chaos Mesh in order to run tests in your build chain.
- An overview of the history and the changes in the latest version.
- Who should get involved in the project, and how.
- A sneak peek into the next release.
The talk consists primarily of live coding.

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