Conf42: Chaos Engineering 2021


Cyber Chaos Engineering: How to Implement Security without a Blindfold

Aaron Rinehart
CTO @ Verica

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David Lavezzo
Director of Cyber Chaos Engineering @ Capital One

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The complex ordeal of delivering secure and reliable software will continue to become exponentially more difficult unless we begin approaching the craft differently.

Enter Chaos Engineering, but now also for security. Instead of a focus on resilience against service disruptions, the focus is to identify the truth behind our current state security and determine what “normal” operations actually look like when it’s put to the test.

The speed, scale, and complex operations within modern systems make them tremendously difficult for humans to mentally model their behavior. Security Chaos Engineering is an emerging practice that is helping engineers and security professionals realign the actual state of operational security and build confidence that it works the way it was intended to.

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