Conf42: Chaos Engineering 2021


Día de los Muertos - Postmortems that saves lives

Fabricio Buzeto
CTO @ bxblue

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I’ve been developing software for the past 20 years and managing teams for over 15 of those. My current team has grown from 5 to 18 over the past two years whist our application grew from a few thousand to more than a million users. We had our fair share of issues and we always kept our heads in check on how to improve things. Our way of doing postmortems is something I’d like to share with others. Not only because I believe it’s helpful, but also, because I love to receive feedback from outside our team.

Postmortems are a well-established way to document the history of a project, especially when things break or don’t go as planned. Most teams have a hard time keeping up with it. Among those who do, to get value out of it is also another challenge. Let me share how my team brought postmortems as part of our process. By not only making it a must-have when handling emergencies but also celebrating it we transformed it as a tool for team bonding. Also, bringing postmortems as an onboarding tool to newcomers. To finish, I’ll share two occasions where our postmortems helped us avoid issues and paid themselves.

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