Conf42: Chaos Engineering 2021


Embracing the Fear of Failure

Humaira Ahmed
CEO @ Locelle

Humaira Ahmed's LinkedIn account

The fear of failure and rejection holds so many of us back from achieving our ambitions in life. Especially for women, the fear of failure and rejection becomes ever more so prevalent as we struggle not only against our personal insecurities but also against the pressure put onto us by society.

Humaira Ahmed shares her remarkable background in overcoming barriers in the tech industry. Growing up in Pakistan, Humaira is familiar with the struggles she, and many other women, faced in achieving success in choosing to pursue a career in the tech industry, which remains to be very much male-dominated. Humaira excelled in mathematics and was able to secure a position in studying abroad at York University, where she specialized in marketing and communications, and dedicated her passion and experience in starting Locelle to motivate, inspire and empower other women to pursue their ambitions in tech.

Humaira’s unique experience from growing up in Pakistan to becoming the Founder and CEO of Locelle has taught her three core values to succeed and be empowered in working as a woman in the tech industry.

Top three themes to be covered in this presentation include:

Fear of Failure/Rejection

The Power of Mentorship

Bootstrapping My Tech Startup

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