Conf42: Chaos Engineering 2021


Organizational Chaos and recipes for Service Ownership

Joey Parsons

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Service Ownership can mean a lot of things in a growing engineering organization. The advent of microservices has made it more critical to get right. In this talk, we’ll talk through all the way your organizational can cause operational chaos before you get Service Ownership correct.

Before you begin failure injection or chaos engineering, it’s important to have clear Service Ownership defined within your organization … else an even greater level of chaos can ensue in your infrastructure and between your teams. In this talk, Joey Parsons from effx will share recipes for defining Service Ownership within your engineering organization and why it’s critically important for chaos engineering and your overall engineering success. With stories from his new startup effx, and previous companies Airbnb, Flipboard, and others, he’ll share strategies and stories from what’s worked well and what hasn’t.

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