Conf42: Chaos Engineering 2021


Clear the ring for Chaos Engineering at Vertrieb Deutsche Bahn! One year sensations and attractions!

Maik Figura
IT Consultant @ codecentric AG

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Oliver Kracht
Implementation Lead @ Deutsche Bahn

Let’s talk about some experiences, learnings and failures. Your asking about our learning environment? Well there you go: 300+ microservices, 100+ developers, 100+ Gamedays, countless experiments with various outcomes :)

Have you ever been to the circus? As software developers, we have much more in common with circus trainers than we think. On the one hand, we have to tame and maintain a steadily growing zoo of technologies and on the other hand, the undesirable audience expects us to show more and more astonishing features within a short period of time. On top of that, we’re also shooting right into the circus ring with our big CI/CD cannon. That can lead to interesting effects, because we’re shooting while a show is running. In this session you will learn about our top 5 excuses not to do Chaos Engineering and how even the most hostile environment can be used to do Chaos Engineering. Whatever your role is, product owner or developer, we will share our experience in establishing a chaos engineering centered culture at DB Vertrieb for future ringmasters to withstand turbulent conditions in production and ultimately to satisfy your customer’s expectations.

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