Conf42: Chaos Engineering 2022


Continuous Reliability. How?

Ana Margarita Medina
Senior Chaos Engineer @ Gremlin

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As engineers we expect our systems and applications to be reliable. And we often test to ensure that at a small scale or in development. But when you scale up and your infrastructure footprint increases, the assumption that conditions will remain stable is wrong. Reliability at scale does not mean eliminating failure; failure is inevitable. How can we get ahead of these failures and ensure we do it in a continuous way?

One of the ways we can go about this is by implementing solutions like CNCF’s sandbox project Keptn. Keptn allows us to leverage the tooling we already use and implement pipelines where we execute chaos engineering experiments and performance testing while implementing SLOs. Ana will share how you can start simplifying cloud-native application delivery and operations with Keptn to ensure you deploy reliable applications to production.

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