Conf42: Chaos Engineering 2022


Learning to overcome the choice paradox

Fabricio Buzeto
CTO @ bxblue

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The focus of this talk resides in helping to diminish the anxiety of those working with software development. Here I focus on two aspects. The first, founded on learning and consolidating new ways of doing things. And the second on exploring and amplifying the options and contexts and how to apply them. These two aspects will be developed according to three levels of decision-making.

  1. Daily: Covering the small decisions that accumulate over time. From bad variable naming, small refactorings. It consists of those 30 minutes to one-hour detours that can make a difference (or not) ahead.
  2. Short-term: This consists of choosing the best tool for the job, learning how to calibrate and change the route midway, and avoiding investing more time than needed where you don’t need to.
  3. Long-term: This topic is about the challenging art of prioritizing and choosing. Here I’ll cover different ways your brain works and the main frameworks on making choices and feeling optimistic about it (even in the chance of making a bad one).

The most crucial point here is to allow the audience to have a healthy discussion about the uncertainty of results. I’ll cover how our brain works, lay down the basic frameworks that enable us to not freeze in front of the choices ahead of us. And so, move forward, adapting and learning with the outcomes we face.

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