Conf42: Chaos Engineering 2022


Multi Region Terraform Deployments with Terraform Built CI/CD on AWS

Lerna Ekmekcioglu
Senior Solutions Architect @ AWS

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Jack Iu
Solutions Architect @ AWS

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Infrastructure as Code tools like Terraform enable organizations achieve repeatability of their deployments at scale in the cloud. Organizations deploy into multiple AWS regions whether it’s to enhance user experience, satisfy data residency requirements or ensure business continuity.

In this session, we do a deep dive into how to deploy infrastructure using Terraform in multiple regions in AWS and CI/CD pipelines built with Terraform. We cover the overall architecture for the CI/CD pipeline and target workload accounts, walk through how to structure Terraform code for multi region deployments and go over best practice design considerations for the CI/CD pipeline.

The session is targeted for cloud teams who provision resources using Terraform in AWS including those in regulated industries where security and reliability are critical such as Financial Services and Healthcare.

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