Conf42: Chaos Engineering 2022


Optimizing incident response thanks to Chaos Engineering

Paul Marsicovetere
Senior Cloud Infrastructure Engineer @ Formidable

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When some groups think of chaos engineering, they may think of how the principles and experiments can add resiliency, security and performance improvements to a system. I too was of that mindset until performing a focussed chaos engineering experiment, which lead to some helpful conclusions that were then utilized during a production incident.

This talk will demonstrate how these experiments eventually led to key discoveries in a system and how during a production incident, the conclusions artifact was utilized to assist with incident response. Had the chaos experiment not been performed, incident response would have taken much longer and would have been more painful for end-users.

My goal is to help provide another answer to the question “why chaos engineering?”. Incident response is always in need of constant improvement and refinement, and chaos engineering is a tool that can most certainly help us.

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