Conf42: Cloud Native 2021


Multi-Cloud Magic: Leveraging Multi-Cloud Clusters in Real-World Scenarios

Adrienne Tacke
Senior Developer Advocate @ MongoDB

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Public, Private, Hybrid…Multi-Cloud?

As the cloud development options and architectures continue to evolve, we’ve finally found ourselves at the next new thing: Multi-Cloud. What is it? Do we really need it? How would you take advantage of a multi-cloud solution?

In this talk, I’d like to describe a few real-world use cases where a multi-cloud solution is currently in production, specifically when it comes to data.

Specifically, we’ll see how multi-cloud helps: - Data Sovereignty scenarios - Fulfill varied client cloud requirements - Developers have more freedom in choosing services - Achieve greater availability

A demo on how to setup a multi-cloud cluster will also be shown.

The audience will leave with a more confident understanding of real-world, multi-cloud use cases and see how to create their own!

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