Conf42: Cloud Native 2021


Building a Serverless FinTech Startup on Azure

Daniel Bass
CTO @ Zeti

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Hear from the CTO of Zeti about how he is building an entire FinTech startup completely on Serverless technology. Learn about the challenges we’ve faced, and the unique power of the Cloud Native Serverless technology we are using to solve them.

Zeti is a pay-per-mile green vehicle financing platform, accelerating the move to zero emission transport. We have a network of Internet of Things devices in vehicles tracking their usage. We monitor and retrieve the data from these devices using a serverless system built on Azure. You’ll hear about how we designed and built that system, and the key challenges it solves - particularly those brought about by rolling lockdowns. You’ll also hear about how Serverless benefits the environment compared to other techniques, and how it’s excellent security profile makes it a good fit for Financial organizations.

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