Conf42: Cloud Native 2021


The Cloud: Application and Configuration

Ismael Hommani
Cloud Native Developer @ WeScale

Ismael Hommani's LinkedIn account

Joachim Rousseau
Coding Architect @ WeScale

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Cloud is now well accepted in development practices. Projects with no cloud element are more the exception than the rule. However, this new paradigm requires adjustment for your workloads. It is not just about containerization, micro-service approach or managed services usage.

Code organisation must also reflect the adoption of this new paradigm.

Configuration is part of it. Traditionally thought as an operational element, it becomes more and more prevalent in an environment where high-scalability, distribution but also failures are the watchwords.

How to guarantee the consistency of our configuration amongst the thousands of instances that represents our applications ? How to automate the entire configuration lifecycle ? Should we even think about live configuration update? Questions that predate the cloud era but that have been exacerbated by the cloud arrival.

In this session we would like to introduce you with a Cloud-Native pattern called “Configuration layer”. Through theory and practice, we would like to demonstrate the elegance of the approach in a Cloud-Native environment to industrialize your configuration management.

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