Conf42: Cloud Native 2021

Doing GitOps for multi-cloud resource management using Crossplane and Flux2

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How would you like for resources to be automatically created across any clouds of your choosing by simply pushing a manifest to a repository? In this talk we’ll see hands on how to do multi cloud management following the GitOps operating model by leveraging Flux2 and Crossplane!

A continuous delivery world without pipelines, with automatic reconciliation of resources eliminating all drift in configuration, everything versioned and everything declarative! That is what GitOps is all about. What if only you could follow this same operating model for all your cloud resources, across any public cloud?

In this talk you’ll learn how to do precisely that! We will be using Flux2 and Crossplane, and you will see hands on how, using these two CNCF projects, you can manage your entire multicloud architecture using Kubernetes as your control plane while following the GitOps principles.

You will learn to: - Install Flux2 - Using Flux2, install Crossplane in your cluster - Configure AWS and GCP providers for Crossplane - Deploy resources across both clouds with nothing but a push to the repo

This talk is all about code! A couple of slides in the deck to give a brief intro of GitOps and the two projects we’ll be using, and then it’s all live code!


Leonardo Murillo

CTO @ Qwinix

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