Conf42: Cloud Native 2021


How we used Open-Source tools to create Puerta, a gating service for Flagger

Or Elimelech
SRE Lead @ StackPulse

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Eldad Rudich
Director of Engineering @ StackPulse

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At StackPulse we use a full CI/CD pipeline with FluxCD + Flagger, in order to support our CD culture needs. We also developed Puerta — a homegrown gating service that implements the Flagger webhook phases to support time-based approvals, triggering E2E jobs (CircleCI etc.), load-testing and auto release to production once canary passes on staging.

In this session, we’ll discuss why and how we built Puerta and dig into three key areas: - How to customize your CD workflow to fit your needs and culture - How to empower developers so they can quickly deploy their code securely - How we dedicated time and resources to developing this internal CD service

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