Conf42: Cloud Native 2022


Kubernetes drives SD-WAN

Alberto Rodriguez-Natal
Tech Lead @ Cisco

Alberto Rodriguez-Natal's LinkedIn account

SD-WAN is increasingly being used to stitch network connectivity between enterprise locations, and the applications running there. In many cases, Kubernetes provides the fine grained management for the microservices that compose those applications.

The ability to influence the SD-WAN based on microservice metadata adds even greater power to the microservice application model and the SD-WAN. In hybrid/multicloud application deployments, optimizing service communication between remote locations is highly desirable and SD-WAN application routing capability is a nice addition to the operations toolbox.

This talk will show how an SD-WAN controller, using Kubernetes configuration and state, can adapt the network for optimal application performance. The talk will provide a few use-cases showing what is possible today via custom tooling, as well as, go through possible future approaches.

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