Conf42: Cloud Native 2022


The Power of Freedom & Flexibility: 4 Keys To Going Cloud Agnostic

Handoyo Sutanto
CEO & CTO @ Lyrid

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Organizations are always seeking to expand the bottom line with cost and time efficient technologies without compromising quality. Considering a cloud-agnostic strategy is an affordable option to efficiently build and run cloud-native applications.

The popularity of cloud-agnostics is not a new occurrence. Most organizations examine a cloud agnostic strategy due to the savings. It’s expensive to maintain and run servers. You need a dedicated IT person or company to manage the servers just to keep up with the load which quickly becomes a costly headache. Going cloud-agnostic frees your company from the shackles and helps save money.

When you choose cloud-agnostics, there are costs involved for the orchestration or executions, but they are not very much and won’t break the bank compared to running and maintaining servers. You pay for the number of executions which occur in each millisecond by using the API when you send and receive information. A short task is not overly costly compared to using a server.

It’s true, nothing in the world of technology is perfect or might even meet your particular needs. As with anything, there are some downsides to cloud-agnostics. After this talk we are confident that you’ll discover the benefits of cloud-agnostic technologies far outweigh the drawbacks for most organizations.

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