Conf42: Cloud Native 2022


Taking a step back and leveraging GitOps to wrangle your clusters and projects

JJ Asghar
Developer Advocate @ IBM

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You’ve moved to the cloud-native space. You now have multiple Kubernetes and/or OpenShift clusters, possibly spread around various clouds, and it’s gotten legit unruly. Don’t worry; I’m here to help and give you the tools to help wrangle your clusters so you can focus on building for the business instead of fighting infrastructure. Leveraging GitOps and the principles around a mash-up of traditional infrastructure management and software development practices creates an auditable/accountable/enforceable way to interface with your fleet.

In this talk, I’ll be walking through (a strong possibility of your situation) why GitOps has become the de facto way to maintain your cluster(s), advantages and struggles going down this path, and strong suggestions on “fastest time to dopamine” paths. You should know that you can take bits and pieces from this talk and build this up piecemeal, but the sooner you leverage this, the sooner you can start focusing on what makes your business win instead of losing time with administration.

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