Conf42: Cloud Native 2022


An Introduction to Service Mesh in Action

Jason Dudash
Chief Architect @ Red Hat

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Have you heard the term service mesh but have no idea what that means? Are you architecting, developing, or responsible for running distributed applications? This talk will make you smarter on concepts around service mesh technology. We also will get a little nerdy and explore the awesome platform capabilities you get from an Istio based service mesh running containerized applications and services.

Why? As modern applications move toward microservices based architectures the importance of a platform to back both the development and operational work grows. Development teams struggle with building, debugging, and connecting services properly. And application operations teams face increasing challenges with securing hybrid deployments, scaling bottlenecks, recovering from failure, and gathering metrics.

This session will feature an introduction to the technology and also give a demo showcasing key capabilities a service mesh platform brings to connect, secure, and observe microservice based applications.

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