Conf42: Cloud Native 2022


Understanding Cloud Control Plane Compromise Attacks

Josh Stella
Chief Architect @ Snyk

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When the headline reads “Cloud Breach Due to Misconfiguration”, this is only a small part of the story, causing teams to focus solely on eliminating cloud resource misconfigurations and getting a false sense of security.

What’s missing in these stories is the series of moves attackers make to discover knowledge about the cloud environment, move laterally, and ultimately extract data without detection. When they gain access to an environment, they’re after API keys that enable them to begin operating against the API control plane of the cloud provider. And once a control plane compromise attack begins, it’s too late to stop it.

In this session, Josh Stella - Chief Architect at Snyk - will deconstruct how control plane compromise attacks go down in the cloud, and how teams can recognize and address the architectural design flaws in their cloud environment that make them vulnerable.

You’ll walk away from this session with an understanding of:

  • How cloud hackers think and operate in order to steal data
  • What questions you should be asking about the security of your cloud environment
  • Why cloud security is a design problem, and what secure cloud design looks like

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