Conf42: Cloud Native 2022


Journey from monolith to microservices on AWS

Lerna Ekmekcioglu
Senior Solutions Architect @ AWS

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Lifting and shifting applications into the cloud, even monolithic apps, requires minimal to no changes to the application architecture and is straight forward. Once rehosted in the cloud, modernizing a monolith into a microservices based architecture is a natural next step. It helps teams with agility but requires a methodical approach to minimize risk of disruptions to the business.

In this session, I cover how to modernize a monolithic application into a microservices-based architecture in AWS. I apply the strangler fig pattern using AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces to chip away at the monolith iteratively and demonstrate step by step how to move a sample Spring Boot Java application into microservices built on AWS serverless components.

The session is targeted for cloud teams who are looking to modernize their monolithic application stacks rehosted on AWS including those in regulated industries where security and reliability are critical such as Financial Services and Healthcare.

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