Conf42: Cloud Native 2022


From Ghost Assets to Infrastructure Drift - Don't Get Spooked

Naor Paz
Director of Product @ Firefly

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There’s a lot of confusion in the infrastructure operations world regarding emerging concepts such as state drift, ghost assets, and other cloud operations nightmares. In this talk we’re going to demystify the differences between all of these concepts that are the byproduct of large-scale, rapid adoption and growth of cloud operations. Cloud operation were widely impacted by the introduction of Infrastructure as Code practices which changed the way we manage our cloud. That said, cloud deployments that predate IaC were often not codified and managed via UI or cloud APIs - which has led to a mishmash in the way cloud resources are managed and maintained today. We will go on to focus on how and when ghost assets happen, why you might have these haunting assets and what to do about them - hopefully without spooking you out too much.

We’ll wrap up with some real code examples of what ghost assets looks like, when you should be concerned - from the cost to the security implications, as well as how to fix them and prevent any ghosts in your closet in the future. Boooo!

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