Conf42: Cloud Native 2022


Deep-dive into Open Policy Agent + Conftest + GateKeeper: Kubernetes Policy in Action

Noaa Barki
Developer Advocate @ Datree

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This talk will walk you through applying centralized policy for Kubernetes deployments leveraging Open Policy Agent, Conftest and Gatekeeper - both from the developer’s and DevOps / operations perspectives.

Open Policy Agent has been an excellent and complementary project to ensuring centralized policy management for your Kubernetes deployments.

In this session, we will do a deep-dive session into: Open Policy Agent, Conftest, and GateKeeper, three projects that really enable you to apply granular policies and controls for highly distributed, microservices deployments.

This talk will show real-life use cases of how to use those technologies in production in order to configure and enforce a centralized policy for Kubernetes, both from the developer and operations (DevOps) perspectives.

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