Conf42: Cloud Native 2022


Go CDK! What this Means for the World of IaC

Roy Tal
Engineering Team Lead @ Firefly

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CDK is growing in popularity in the AWS ecosystem, and is set to be the successor of CloudFormation, being built natively for the configuration of AWS resources.

CloudFormation that had its own set of limitations, opened the door for the widely adopted existing infrastructure as code tools we have all grown to love - including Terraform and Pulumi.

In this talk, we’ll dive into why CDK is a game changer for AWS-based deployments. How it works with your existing developer flows and favorite programming languages - from NodeJS to Golang and even Python, and brings the inherent benefits from using your programming language of choice. We’ll also dive into what the migration looks like from your existing IaC tools - whether CloudFormation, Terraform or Pulumi, when others tools are a better for fit for your use case, and will wrap up with code samples based on CDK and Golang.

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