Conf42: Cloud Native 2022


Cloud Native Apache Pulsar Development 101 with Python

Tim Spann
Developer Advocate @ StreamNative

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In this session I will get you started with real-time cloud native streaming programming with Java, Golang, Python and Apache NiFi.

I will start off with an introduction to Apache Pulsar and setting up your first easy standalone cluster in docker. We will then go into terms and architecture so you have an idea of what is going on with your events.

I will then show you how to produce and consume messages to and from Pulsar topics. As well as using some of the command line and REST interfaces to monitor, manage and do CRUD on things like tenants, namespaces and topics.

We will discuss Functions, Sinks, Sources, Pulsar SQL, Flink SQL and Spark SQL interfaces. We also discuss why you may want to add protocols such as MoP (MQTT), AoP (AMQP/RabbitMQ) or KoP (Kafka) to your cluster. We will also look at WebSockets as a producer and consumer. I will demonstrate a simple web page that sends and receives Pulsar messages with basic JavaScript.

After this session you will be able to build simple real-time streaming and messaging applications with your chosen language or tool of your choice.

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