Conf42: Cloud Native 2022


Reimagining Application Networking and Security

Tim Szigeti
Principal Technical Marketing Engineer / Director of Technical Marketing @ Cisco

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Businesses are increasingly shifting their applications to microservice based architectures, as these support rapid application development with flexibility, stability, portability, and scale. However, microservice architectures present new networking and security challenges that traditional approaches simply cannot meet. For instance, securely interconnecting such microservices dynamically and at scale cannot be done with legacy systems and requires and entirely new approach, a Cloud Native approach.

Similarly too, when it comes to security, it’s not enough to secure an interconnection, but also containers, pods, clusters and even APIs. This requires security to be embedded early and pervasively into the entire CI/CD pipeline, and not simply as an after-the-fact consideration. In this session we’ll lay out some of the key problem areas, industry best practices and demonstrate solutions to meet these new and complex requirements.

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