Conf42: Cloud Native 2022


Local Microservice Development with Remote Kubernetes Assist

Zachary Conger
Senior DevOps Engineer @ StackHawk

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As we took our SaaS platform from Alpha to Beta to GA, we accrued a rapidly expanding set of microservices. Engineers were unhappy with performance they were experiencing in local development, and tests on a single microservice became meaningless without the others.

This presentation walks through our experiences in building a scalable system that allowed our team to continue developing on their laptops as our platform grew. These include first implementing Docker Compose, then Kompose to move most of the workload to Kubernetes, and then Kotlin tooling to improve the flexibility of our local/Kubernetes hybrid development environment.

This talk will look at the tradeoffs of these different tools and the iterations that led us to where we are today. We will dive into how conference attendees can think about implementing these tools in their own environments to help engineers develop locally.

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