Conf42: Cloud Native 2023

Azure Container Apps – serverless container apps in action

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Kubernetes is becoming de facto community standard for running container workloads at scale. Setting up and maintaining Kubernetes is not an easy task to do, let alone focus on the efficient workloads by following all the best practices in cloud native area. Azure Container App brings the best of Kubernetes with cloud best practices applied without handling the Kubernetes beast behind the scenes. It gives developers and IT pros the time to focus on the workload, by giving them tools to focus on the fully managed experience for them and their customers.

In this session we will explore how to deploy and configure Kubernetes-style applications, focusing on application lifecycle, autoscaling, ingress without managing infrastructure, enriching the functionality with distributed application runtime (Dapr), securely manage all the secrets, and enabling hybrid scenarios with running apps on Kubernetes on-prem as managed offerings.

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Bojan Vrhovnik

Senior Cloud Solution Architect @ Microsoft Azure

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