Conf42: DevOps 2023

Making DevOps Friendlier for Developers

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DevOps is all about integrating development and operations for speed, agility, and quality. Organizations often end up doing this integration of developers with ops people in a way that overcomplicates things. This talk will explore common pitfalls people fall into when implementing DevOps in orgs. Everyone in the industry seems to be talking about DevOps these days and how it makes teams more self-sufficient and agile. But in a rushed attempt to implement DevOps practices in their organizations, people often end up making things harder for both developers and ops people. Striking a balance and keeping both sides happy is crucial to the success of businesses. This talk will go over the common things people get wrong when implementing DevOps and show how they can be detrimental to the productivity of teams. After analyzing these problems, we will look at ways to rethink the implementation of DevOps by doing things in a way that makes both developers and ops people happy and self-sufficient. The aim of the talk is to encourage people not to simply take things at face value and evaluate better the choice they make when implementing DevOps practices.


Arsh Sharma

Dev Experience @ Okteto

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